Monday, 5 November 2012

Back in the day ...... PARAPHERNALIA BOUTIQUE 1970

I remember working with dad on the Paraphernalia shop after he had finished the Foale and Tuffin Fashion Boutique in Carneby Street, London. We meet the great twiggy at the London opening.


Miss Betsey Johnson her roots come out of the Mod fashion scene and her brand and boutique were called PARAPHERNALIA. 

Friday, 16 July 2010

Where it all began for me

Back in the nineteen sixties I would go to work with my father he was also called John Wright. I would help were I could as I was only young at the time. The first Exhibition stand I worked on with him was the Coal Board stand at Olympia, London 1967 ... I painted stock walling white.
I then worked with him on a Shop fitting job, the Foale and Tuffin Fashion Boutique in Carneby Street, London. After which he designed and fitted out Paraphernalia Boutique.
I then worked with my father at Ace Associates where I learnt how to silkscreen print direct onto shop window glass, I also started wet mounting and block mounting.
This was just the start of a long career in exhibition and display graphics. I then attended the London Collage of Printing were my whole world changed, Punk Rock had began .... and I started my first business modifying and screen printing punk clothing.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Portable promotional retail display systems Designer

I need to work with investors that have an understanding of the modular display system market who are looking for new ideas and products.

I have been developing revolutionary new products for more than three years I have a wide range of designs to develop and need to work with like-minded people with vision.

I have been involved in the industry for thirty years and will bring the full weight of my vision and experience to this project. I know I can introduce new thinking to this market.

If there were any body with advice for me it would be much appreciated and will help me to make the right decision.


Friday, 6 February 2009

Old School Display Systems

This is a rant about the portable display system world. The thing is..... some things in this industry make my blood boil and always will. The problem with the pop up trade is that there are to many car salesmen in the business followed by a bunch of double glazing bod's. What the hell do they know about anything......It does not take a genius to work out that the creative process is sacrificed for the sake of sales....
What happened to new design. Yes NEW DESIGN. How many people think you can just take an old established design and just sexify it.....come on it's not rocket science "the market gets what the market deserves " Bollocks to that. The redesigning of old product is just like chewing gum, your stomach thinks food is coming but all you get is gas!
If you are going to redesign a product....... please try to solve the the real problems that have always existed with these products from the very beginning. The banner stand has been high jacked by cheap imports, poor functionality and rubbish graphics. I would love to kick these problems into touch with our new design but this will take time and a leap of faith.

We close our eyes and imagine the best product humanly possible and then start to create it.
Every time we look at a design problem we know there is a solution.
We take design very serious in this digital age.

The choice is clear ..... or is it.